Bringing Duke Home


The picture we got of Duke before we met him.

We got a call on Sunday night letting us know that we could pick Duke up on Monday from his quarantine hold at a vet office in New Hampshire. We had been searching for a dog for a while and had our eye on a Boston Terrier. Wanting to rescue, but having trouble finding the right dog for our family, we were so excited to finally meet our match. We ran out to PetSmart, grabbed a collar, leash, some food & treats, and of course, some toys! All stocked up, we waited patiently for Monday night to roll around and drove the hour up to New Hampshire to meet our little guy.


Duke meeting Sam for the first time in the vet parking lot. A much more excited face than the pictures we had received from the rescue!

Duke was such a ball of energy in the vet parking lot! There were lots of hugs, kisses, and belly rubs. After we burnt off some of his energy, we headed back down to Massachusetts. Duke was great in the car, riding patiently. His vet history all looked great. It included a heads up that “Kong + Peanut Butter = Happy Duke!” and that he should not be left unsupervised with rope toys or tennis balls. I was relieved that one of the toys we had purchased was a Kong!

Once we got home, Duke promptly made himself comfortable on our bed. We had put together a cozy bed for him, with some old pillows and beach towels, which he simply jumped over on his way to the bed. After trying, and failing for half an hour, to get him to get comfortable in his bed, we gave him and let him sleep with us.

The first night went well, Duke did request, nicely I might add, a belly rub at 4 AM. But once satisfied, we were all able to get back to sleep. It was quite wonderful to wake up to his smiling face, especially at 5 AM!


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