First Day Home

Since we brought Duke home on a Sunday, we had to carry on Monday as normal, which meant the two of us going to work. I work a few blocks away and was able to stop home during lunch which meant we needed to prep Duke and the house for him to be alone from about 7 AM – 12 PM.

We cordoned off about half of my kitchen, put his dog bed and some water in there, along with a peanut butter filled Kong. He seemed happy until I went into the living room and soon I heard a loud noise as he jumped over the gate we had up, hurting his leg in the process. I had to leave for work in five minutes so I decided to just give him run of the kitchen & living room. I threw everything not dog friendly into the bedroom, set up him with his Kong again and left.

I was so worried coming home to see what kind of condition both the apartment & Duke were in! Luckily, it wasn’t too bad. I had my lunch box from the day before on the counter, out of reach for the original spot, but within reach when I gave him run of the place. He had pulled the lunchbox off the counter and eaten the Goldfish inside. But he was polite about it, not damaging my lunchbox and hardly tearing the Goldfish bag. He had also managed to get the peanut butter from the Kong all over the house which had attracted a trail of ants. So there was a lot of clean up involved!


The living room after Duke’s snack.

Overall, the first day home alone went well! He hasn’t eaten any people food or made any messes since then. And no accidents either! We’re so thankful he’s mellow when we’re not home!


2 thoughts on “First Day Home

  1. Eek – hehehe – can’t believe the ants came in for the peanut butter! My first dog was way more destructive than Duke (that sofa would have been toast) – so he did pretty good for his first day alone. Thankfully, Blueberry isn’t destructive. I can leave her treat container on the little night table next to the bed all day while I am away and she doesn’t even touch it. I can’t believe someone dumped her and her seven puppies at the shelter. She’s like the perfect dog. But their loss was my gain – I’m sure you feel the same about Duke! His face melts my heart – such a sweet boy!

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