Scared Duke

On Wednesday, Duke’s second day home, I was taking him for a walk around the block when he got seriously spooked by some construction nearby. He took off running towards home, I was so relieved he didn’t pull out of his collar and that I had a good hand on his leash.

We made it back home & didn’t go out again until evening when I was sure the construction was over. He did better, but even little noises, like stepping over a sewer grate or a garbage truck had him crouching low and running off.

We are trying to spend a lot of time with him outside, just sitting on the grass in my apartment complex, learning that outside is not scary!


Duke seems unconvinced that outside is not scary.

He seems to be getting a little better every day. I checked out Deborah Wood’s Help for Your Shy Dog book from the library this week and it has some great pointers that seem to be helping us help Duke. Hopefully it is just part of the stress of adjusting to his new home and will disappear soon. We are excited to take him on adventures with us but I’m worried that he won’t be able to enjoy them if he is so afraid. He wasn’t like this the first day or two he was home, so fingers crossed it is just temporary!


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