Bee Sting


Duke finally not afraid of the outside world!

Sunday we hung around the house. I bought a vacuum to clean up all the dog hair on my white couch. Too bad it can’t clean up the peanut butter stains he is also leaving there! We also took Duke to a local park where I snapped this profile shot of him. We were playing at the park when we sat down to take a break. We laid down to watch the clouds when Duke stepped on something that turned out to be a bee! He started shaking his paw around. Sam pulled the stinger out of his front paw after which he promptly jumped in my lap for some sympathy. It didn’t seem tender to the touch but it definitely was hurting him. We started home but Duke was limping so bad that Sam ended up carrying him.


Spoiled little pup!

I did a quick search for first aid with dog bee stings and found something that mentioned icing the infected area. 

Icing the paw.

Icing the paw.

After about thirty minutes of cuddling, chewing on his new Kong, and icing it, he was totally fine. And still not scared out the outside world! 


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