Cape Cod

Saturday we ventured down to Cape Cod. Duke did real well in the car, sleeping most of the way.

Duke curled up in the backseat.

Duke curled up in the backseat.

We got to the Cape and stopped at a dog park in Dennis, Fresh Pond Dog Park. It was a great dog park! It had two fenced areas which we used to play fetch and a waterfront just for the pups. We took Duke into the water for the first time since we got him & he did not take to it well! He just seemed to be creeped out by it, he did not seem scared of the water. We plan on taking him to a lot of dog beaches, so hopefully he’ll warm up to the water!


Welcome to Cape Cod!

Welcome to Cape Cod!

It ended up being a rainy day on the Cape, so we didn’t even stay the whole day. But Duke did well in the rain, in the car, and in a new & different place! It was interesting to see most of his fears from the week melt away on Saturday. There were so many loud noises but he didn’t seem phased by any of them. He even went the entire day without his Kong! Maybe it was getting him out of his comfort zone or spending some quality time with us for the first time, but he is blossoming and his personality is starting to shine through & we’re loving it!


Stopping for ice cream on the way home in Boston.


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