Two Weeks In

We’ve had Duke for exactly two weeks now so I wanted to reflect on how he is adjusting to our home and his new life.
Duke responds to his name very well. We changed it when we adopted him so he’s only been going by Duke for a few weeks but just saying his name is usually enough to correct poor behavior.
Unfortunately, that’s about all he knows! We’re still working on sit, stay, lie down, etc.
We are quite lucky that Duke has not had a single accident in all of his time with us. He is very good about waiting until we get outside and hasn’t even come close to an accident in the house.
Walks & Outside Behavior:
Duke’s initial fears about the outside have mostly disappeared by now. He is still hesitant when there is a lot going on or loud noises, but he just looks back at us and we tell him it’s okay and he keeps going.
He still pulls on his leash, but it too is getting better. Baby steps!
Meeting New People & Dogs
Duke is shy when first meeting new people. Once he has a few seconds to warm up to a person, he is all love, jumping up on them and everything! I do wish the jumping would stop. (Luckily, most people think he’s a puppy so hopefully that excuses some of his poor behavior for now!)
Duke always wants to say hi to the other dogs we meet on walks. When we approach a dog, he freezes up and stands totally still while the other dog says hello. It is not until we go to leave that he shows some energy. The rescue said he might be intimidated by bigger dogs, but he keeps this pattern of behavior for any dog we meet.
Inside Behavior:
It is us that could use some improvement in this category! Duke responds as well as can be expected considering we should be stricter and more consistent. He is not allowed on the couch during dinner time. He sometimes has issues with this one, but he has never attempted to go near our food. (Except for the Goldfish incident on day one!) He doesn’t chew on furniture, but I have caught him with a few household items in his mouth (a rug & a pen just this week). He is an active chewer so he needs those Kongs to have an appropriate outlet for that chewing energy.
We could see Duke’s ribs when we first brought him home so we wanted to put some weight on him. We fed him the upper limit of what our bag suggested for the first few days and now have him down the middle of the range, 2 cups a day. He eats his entire meal within five minutes of us serving him. He’s not a big fan of treats but we’ve already gone through an entire jar of peanut butter just for him!

So far, so good!


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