Duke’s Favorite Places: Fresh Pond Reservoir

In Cambridge lies Fresh Pond Reservoir. This hidden gem has a large reservoir and a 2.25 mile walking path around the perimeter of the reservoir. This walking path is shared use and technically off leash as long as the dogs are under voice control.


I forgot to take more pictures here, but you can see how green and beautiful it is!

Luckily, this place isn’t too far from us and we can Duke here often. There are a lot of dogs on the path and Duke gets a chance to work on his socialization. There’s a good combination of bikers, runners, and walkers on this path. They provide the occasional poop bag, trash can, and water bowl. There’s also public restrooms that are pretty clean open during certain hours each day. Parking can be tricky, since many of the lots and surrounding streets are for Cambridge residents only but the street parking is open to everyone on Sundays.

Most of the dogs are off-leash but we kept Duke on leash since we’re still unsure how he will do off-leash in crowded areas. We let him drag his leash for quite parts of this path and he did well. We’ll work up to totally off leash little by little!


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