Duke’s First Swim

This weekend we are down in Rhode Island to spend some time with Sam’s mom. She has three dogs of her own so we thought it would be fun to get out of the city for a bit and give Duke the chance to socialize with some more dogs.

We stopped at Critter Hut on the way to pick up Duke a life jacket. We enjoy the ocean very much and wanted to make sure Duke would be safe especially since he didn’t take well to the pond at Fresh Pond Dog Park in Dennis, Mass.


Trying on the life jacket at Critter Hut

We ended up getting Duke the Medium size Aussie Life Jacket from Aussie Naturals. I really like the fact that it is bright orange, so he stays visible, and has a giant handle at the top so we can quickly grab him if need be. It provides the perfect amount of flotation for him and he didn’t mind wearing it one bit!


Getting suited up for the first big swim!

We took him down to a boat launch that would be nice and shallow and calm for his first swim.


Looks like he’s swimming, but he’s really just trying to get out NOW!

Sam carried him in the water and eased him in so he could still stand. Duke was not pleased and each time ran out as fast as possible.



Grumpy & cold Duke.

After about three tries, we decided he had enough swimming for the moment. He was freezing cold, shivering a lot. I wrapped him in a towel & warmed him back up & we headed home.

We’ve decided he needs some motivation to want to be in the water, that simply swimming isn’t enough. So we’ll pick up some tennis balls (the Kong doesn’t float, so sad) for him to fetch in the water. We’re also thinking that bringing along another dog that loves the water might help him see the fun in swimming!


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