Duke Enjoys the Beach!

What would you know, Duke likes the beach!

We took him down to the URI Bay Campus beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island last night with another dog we know who loves the water. We also picked up a case of tennis balls that we brought with (18 tennis balls for free thanks to our Sports Authority rewards). The friend coupled with fetching the tennis balls was a win and Duke actually went swimming and seemed to enjoy it!


A little hesitant, but gotta get that ball.


Hesitation and life jacket gone!


Happy, but still cold, Duke

He was still freezing though, just very susceptible to cold apparently. He was shivering, but still wanting to go back into the water. He played well with the little kids on the beach, letting them pick up the tennis ball from him and throw it. Overall, quite a success!

A bit about where we took him, The URI Bay Campus Beach is a small beach at the URI Bay Campus in Narragansett, Rhode Island. You’ve got to bring your own water & poop bags, but this is a dog friendly spot with calm water. There were a lot of kids around, so best to be sure your pup is okay around children if you venture here. No lifeguards & only porta potties for the humans, but even Sam & I went for a swim here. It is a wonderful spot to spend a few hours letting everyone cool off!


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