Duke Goes to the Vet: Merwin Animal Clinic

Waiting outside

Waiting outside for them to open.

After Duke’s trip to the beach last weekend, we noticed he was developing weird bumps on his skin. He also got a scab on his arm that was pretty large. We bathed him after he was in the saltwater so we waited a few days to see if the bumps would go down. We didn’t think they were bug bites because he wasn’t scratching them & they weren’t tender to the touch. But when he started to develop more throughout the week, we decided to get them checked out.

Merwin Animal Clinic is located in Allston, Massachusetts, part of Boston. We used to live not too far, so we decided to give it a try to give our new-graduate wallets a break. We knew going to Merwin would require a long wait, but we decided to see what it was all about anyway. The Clinic is a free clinic which was started to aid sick and injured animals. Today, they offer some preventative services, such as vaccines. Visits with the vet are at no cost, though there is a suggested donation of $20. Vaccines are provided at reduced fees. Make sure to have plenty of cash if you visit, payments to the doctor for any preventative services are cash only. Donations are accepted via cash or check. Please donate if you go, this clinic is a gem and does wonders for the pets of Boston!

The clinic opened at Noon and they only accept the first thirty people, so people line up early to make sure they get seen. There was only one vet working when we went. We arrived at around 10:45 and you can see there were at least ten people ahead of us. The line was pretty long by noon, we were probably in the first third or first half of the line. At noon, they let everyone in and start pulling your dog’s chart (on an index card) and making a list. Then you wait in the waiting room until your name is called. With only one vet and one exam room, you’ll be there for a while. I’d suggest a book for you and a toy for your pup. We passed the time by talking to other owners and letting Duke play with the other dogs. There are no restrooms here either, just a heads up!


Forgive the blurry picture, but wanted to show how busy this place gets.

The vet was wonderful. He didn’t rush us at all and gave us great advice about Duke’s skin. (Omega 3 supplements!) He also told us that Duke was probably younger than we were told. The first adoption paperwork we saw listed him as 5 years old and was later corrected to 2 or 3. This vet said he was probably closer to 1 and 1/2 years ! We also got a chance to weigh Duke, clocking in at 26 pounds, a few pounds under his vet paperwork that came with him, even though you can’t see his ribs anymore. We’re figuring the scales were just not calibrated the same way.

This visit cost us only our donation! Those who worked there were wonderful and we picked up so many tips by just listening to the conversations around us. Merwin is going to be our go to place now as long as we have a few hours to devote to it!


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