Duke’s Favorite Places: Deer Island

Happy Labor Day! To celebrate our day off we ventured off to Nahant to give Duke another chance to go swimming but the high tide, poor weather, and Duke’s skin condition we opted for a walk around Deer Island instead.

Sam loves the science & tech aspects of the plant at Deer Island. It’s the sewage treatment plant for much of the Boston area, but it provides great views of Boston harbor and the open ocean as well as some beautiful paths.

Deer Island is dog friendly but requires dogs to be on leash. Poop bags were provided near the parking lot we used and there was a dog bowl near a water fountain at one point. There were plenty of trash cans along the path.

We walked the full loop, just under 3 miles, and met many other dogs along the path. About half were off leash. We let Duke drag his leash for most of the walk & he did wonderfully. He didn’t bother other walkers and stayed nearby, quickly stopping when we called his name. We brought a tennis ball and were able to sneak in a quick game of fetch on some of the grassy, quiet areas of the path.


Checking out the view


View of Boston, a bit foggy.


The boys exploring


Sandy Duke playing fetch on a beach near the entrance

I’d highly recommend Deer Island for a nice walk, dog or no dog! We’re planning to head back with Duke in the fall to check out the fall colors on the walk.


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