Back to the Cape

Last weekend we headed back to Cape Cod for a late summer getaway. We had rented a house for the weekend in Eastham & brought Duke with us.

We purchased a car seat cover for the backseat that Duke hangs out on now. He can get it as wet and messy and he likes and we can easily wash it. Plus, it keeps him a little safer when we have to stop fast and protects the leather from his paws. Duke was a good sport on the drive down, napping with his Kong.


Duke napping in the car.

Saturday morning we woke up to a flat tire and spent most of the day at Town Fair Tires instead of the beach. But Duke was a good sport, we killed some time at PetSmart where he got to check out some new toys, grabbed lunch at Panera, and napped in the grass. That evening, we headed up to Provincetown to check out the sights and visit one of the supposedly best dog parks and dog friendly towns in America. More on our trip to P-Town later!


Lunching at Panera

Sunday we explored the crazy low tides the Cape has. Duke had a blast off leash, chasing after seagulls and exploring the wildlife. There were a lot of horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach that Duke had fun investigating. He ran through the water without hesitation, showing how far he’s come since his first ocean experience just a few weeks ago! He was pretty chilly on the walk home though, he is going to need a coat and some boots for winter. We’ve been looking but can’t find much that seems more functional than decorative.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. It was very relaxing for us and lots of fun for Duke.  (Plenty of things to chase & he got to join us for most of our adventures over the weekend!)

Check out some of our pictures from the weekend below!


Leading the way to the beach on Saturday.



Look Ma, I caught dinner!
Duke carrying a (dead) horsehoe crab.


There were crazy low tides at the beach.


Investigating with dad.


Warming up with mom back home.



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