We spent last weekend on the Cape and Saturday night we explored Provincetown, Mass. The town website advertised how dog-friendly they were so we decided to bring Duke with. (It is pretty funny, I’d suggest giving it a read!) Provincetown, Mass was also named “Dog Town USA 2010” by Dog Fancy Magazine.

I had heard that the dog park in P-Town, Pilgrim Bark Park, was one of the best in the country. Turns out that it was rated as the second best dog park in the country back in 2010 by Dog Fancy Magazine. So of course we had to check it out! After getting slightly lost, we stumbled upon a large dog park with two runs – one for dogs under 25 pounds and one for all dogs. It opened back in 2008 and cost about $200,000. (I needed to see the dog park that cost almost a quarter million dollars!)


The entrance to Pilgrim Bark Park

The park has double gates, which I love.


The small dog run.

The park is mostly gravel & sand, which isn’t our favorite, but Duke still loved running around. There were old tennis balls all over the run though we brought our own since we have tons & the ones there looked pretty old.

The park had a water fountain for both people & pets. The dog part of the fountain has running water which I love for sanitary reasons, but Duke didn’t seem to quite understand how to drink the moving water. IMG_0927

Overall, my impression of Pilgrim Bark Park is that it must have a wonderful community behind it. The park had more signs (with rules and such) posted than I had even seen in a dog park, showing that there are people who care about it.  And it has its own website (where they sell merchandise) so does seem to be in league of its own in that sense. But as a physical space? I’m not ready to rush back. I really would have preferred grass for Duke since the gravel and sand get all over him and he swallows a bunch playing fetch.


Waiting for Dad to throw another ball despite carrying one around in his mouth!

After the dog park, we had dinner and were able to grab a bite on a patio with Duke, which was nice! It definitely felt like a dog friendly town, but it didn’t seem unusually dog friendly. If anything, it was too crowded (with people) to make me feel totally comfortable having Duke there. People spilled out on the streets because the sidewalks were too crowded, and cars drove down the streets, which make it difficult to make sure our over-excited pup stayed out of people’s and cars’ ways.

I will say that the people in P-Town were very nice to us and Duke! Duke carries his tennis ball around when we walk places and we ran into people that commented on his ball carrying and even one person who was like “That’s the dog who carries his ball in his mouth” so in that sense it was a warm area!

If you’re headed to P-Town, bring the pup along and see what you think of the area. I’d recommend checking it out to everyone!


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