Happy Dog Box Review


Waiting for the go ahead to dig into the box.

I was looking around at subscription boxes for dogs a little while ago when I found that Happy Dog Box was running a promotion when you ordered your first box. (The promotion has since ended.) 

The company provided excellent customer service when I emailed them with a question and kept me updated as to when my box shipped. It arrived earlier than expected! Duke was excited to dig in & as soon as we opened the box, he started grabbing treats out.

The Box Contained…

EarthRated Poop Bags
I love the holder this came with. It has a hook on the side so you can hang the filled bags until you find a trash can. The bags themselves were scented, which I didn’t like, since their pretty scent mixed with the not so pretty scent of Duke’s business and ended up smelling like a porta-potty to me. Our refill bags from PetSmart didn’t fit perfectly in the holder either, but I’m still using it.

Dynamo Dog Hip & Joint Treats
Duke loves these treats! They are soft treats which he seems to like better than the hard biscuits. I would definitely buy these again outside of the Happy Dog Box. It was great to be introduced to a new product.

Woofables Dog Biscuits 
There was a little bag of what appear to be homemade dog biscuits. I’ve used these to stuff the kong with. They are wheat free which I love as well.

Jump Your Bones Roo Jerky
This we haven’t given Duke much. It had a hard, crispy, texture and sort of shattered when Duke took a bite. Plus, the fact that it is kangaroo meat kind of weirds me out.

Barkworthies Curly Bully Stick
Duke LOVED this. He would have gone through it all the first night if I hadn’t taken it away. I’d love to get him some more down the line.

JollyPets Monster Mouth 
This toy is similar to a Kong in the sense that you can stuff it with treats. It has a lot of room in it, so you could put a ton of food in there if you wanted to! Duke likes this one a lot since it rolls well but I don’t give it to him that much since it can’t stand up to his chewing nearly as well as the Extreme Kongs.


Checking out the goodies!

Overall, I did not continue my subscription past the promo box. I just don’t have $20 or $30 a month just to spend on dog treats! I love the idea and love the new products it showed us, but I just need the price to drop a bit to fit into my budget before I hop on board as a subscriber.

Sorry for the blurry pictures, we were all so excited to see what Duke got! 

Disclaimer: I purchased this box on my own and was not contacted by Happy Dog Box to review. All opinions are my own & the links will send you to the companies’ websites. 


2 thoughts on “Happy Dog Box Review

  1. I did not get any of that. I got a toy that tore apart the first time I threw it, three pigs ears, a rawhide chew ( i don’t give my dogs rawhide or pigs ears), a bag of beer flavored treats and a bag of beef jerkies. Everyone else seemed to get this other box. When I called they just told me sorry you didn’t like the box but there is nothing we can do.

    • How strange! I wonder if they changed up some of the goodies depending on what month it was. So sorry to hear that it wasn’t a good experience for you. I stay away from giving Duke rawhide or pig ears too. I was even worried about him and the bully stick!

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