Six Weeks In

I can’t believe it’s only been six weeks since we brought Duke home! After two weeks, I did a check in which you can read here. I thought it was time for another check in at six weeks!

Duke is doing much better with sit, though it isn’t 100% yet. Next up, stay. We haven’t worked much with lie down. “Stay” and “drop it” are going to be our next efforts. Anything he sees on walks that looks yummy or chewable goes in his mouth, so I really would like to get to “drop it” next.

Still good to go! Even though he has had some long stretches at home now that I’m back in school, he hasn’t had a single accident.

Walks & Outside Behavior:
I’m tempted to say that the pulling is worse now than it was at the two week mark. He pulls so hard, he’s rubbed his neck raw. He doesn’t wear the collar in the house now, so it’s getting better, but I’m tempted to get him a harness or a different type or collar to help the neck problems.

Inside Behavior:
I need to make sure that there is nothing appetizing on the counters when we leave and that anything that looks like it might be fun to chew (like my flip flop) is away. Other than that, he does well. We haven’t set the best boundaries for him, but he does like his homemade dog bed and never whines when we leave him in a different room than we are in. Normally, he has run of the house, minus the bathroom and closets.


When we’re not home, he spends most of his time relaxing!

Meeting New People & Dogs: 
Duke is so much better at this! He plays with dogs we meet on walks and is always well behaved. He’s wonderful with small children too. Duke does tend to growl when some people approach him, but normally they are people that give me a poor first impression too (too aggressive towards him, come in too fast). I just like to think that he is a good judge of character. 😉 With most people, he just wants to be pet!

Medical Issues:
Duke’s weird bumps on his back are still there, but fading. No word on what they are but our best guess right now is some version of dog acne. He’s got mini bald patches where the bumps were that will hopefully start growing back soon!

He is on a regular feeding schedule still and eats his food as soon as it is put down. We switched his food recently to a grain free brand and he’s adjusted well to it. He also gets some pumps of salmon oil in his food per the vet’s recommendation.

So, six weeks in and we are doing well! He feels like a part of our family now and I am so happy we adopted him. He is a wonderful dog and very well behaved!


4 thoughts on “Six Weeks In

    • No, we haven’t, but we’ve had multiple people suggest them. I’ve been told by some that it will still make his neck raw, but maybe at least cut down on the pulling. Have you had success with one?

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