Another Dog Park! Thorndike Dog Park

This weekend we laid low and relaxed, which was so nice. As part of our resting up, we decided to take Duke to a dog park to let him burn some energy. We haven’t found the perfect dog park nearby (our favorite so far is the South Kingstown Dog Park in Rhode Island), so we keep exploring local ones in hopes of finding a hidden gem.

This weekend we went to Thorndike Dog Park in Arlington, Mass. Unfortunately, this was not our hidden gem, but it worked for the purpose of letting Duke run around. The dog park is attached to a large park which had a bunch of soccer games going on. Parking was limited & could be difficult if you go during a bunch of soccer games like we did.


Thorndike Dog Park, Arlington

There were a lot of dogs when we first got there, so we warmed Duke up in the smaller area.


Playing fetch in the smaller run

Then, we decided to take Duke into the big run with all the other dogs. We’ve never done that before at a dog park- normally we just play fetch by ourselves, but we wanted Duke to socialize a bit (& I wanted to check out some of the agility equipment they had!)

Duke did so well in the big run! He was a little shy at first, but warmed up well. He didn’t play with any other dogs, but at least he got to say hello!


Duke hanging out with the big dogs

He ran through the tunnel and even climbed up the ramp (only as he followed the tennis ball though!)


Duke goes where that ball goes

Overall, we had a good time – Duke got to run around and we got to check out the new park.

The park had a poop bag dispenser, but there was a sign saying they were all out. (As such, there were some deposits in the park that hadn’t been picked up- not okay!) There was also a water pump, but that too was out of service. The park is also all gravel, which we are not big fans of. Duke tends to swallow a lot of it when he plays fetch – which is why we prefer grass dog parks. But most of the parks around here are gravel, so we’re trying to decide how picky we should be about the gravel/sand/grass textures of dog parks.

What kind of dog parks do you prefer – gravel, sand, grass, or something else? How picky should we be about avoiding gravel dog parks?


2 thoughts on “Another Dog Park! Thorndike Dog Park

  1. It’s great that Duke is getting out and about…the more he socializes the more comfortable he will be and he’ll start having more fun with the other dogs…I’ve never fun into a gravel dog park…maybe it’s a northern thing since the grass can’t be maintained in winter? Ours are all grass and that varies…some are watered and maintained nicely, others end us as dusty yards that we don’t visit very often…our favorite is all grass and would be really great if they had a few trees…lack of shade is my biggest peeve at dog parks…NO EXCUSE for a dog park running out of bags…the city should be ashamed

    • I never thought about the weather – that does make sense! I wonder how Duke will do in snowy dog parks this winter! I’m with you on the lack of shade & bags though, both necessary to keep everyone safe & healthy!

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