Duke’s New Leash

We ventured off this weekend to see if we could find a solution for Duke’s pulling (read more about it here). We ended up finding a slip lead at what has come to be our favorite pet boutique, Pawsh in Boston.

The people who work at Pawsh are so friendly & helpful. I’ve seen a Boston Terrier around the shop before so I feel really good about asking them for advice since Duke is half Boston. Duke loaded up on free treats from the woman who was working when we stopped by – she even reinforced his sitting and some other tricks before giving him some high quality treats. It’s a great place, I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area!

With Pawsh’s advice, we settled on a Mendota British Style Slip Lead – similar to what they use on show dogs. It has a loop at the end with an adjustable leather tag. We can set the leather tag wherever we’d like, as a stopper. As Duke pulls, the leash tightens around his neck. I don’t know how well it’s doing for his pulling, but I think it is helping somewhat. I do know that I’m so much more comfortable taking him into crowded places because I feel like he is so secure in this lead – there’s no way he’s slipping out of it like he could in a collar.


The leash is supposed to sit higher on his neck we’re told.

Some of you suggested a easy walk/no pull harness, which I’m tempted to try. We’ll see how this leash does. I can already see it bothering his neck. Our problem with harnesses in the past has been that they rub behind his front legs. (Duke’s got some pretty sensitive skin!)

Now to find some type of collar situation so we can hang Duke’s license and name tag (which we’re still looking for).

Does your dog have sensitive skin? Do you have any suggestions for easing Duke’s skin troubles? He’s currently taking fish oil with his breakfast.


15 thoughts on “Duke’s New Leash

  1. for the sensitive skin, try coconut oil. It can be put on topically and can be given orally. Google it, there are tons of videos and infographics about it too. It is fabulous for humans and pets. I give it to our Sheltie and my cat has a 1/4 teaspoon a day (on top of his kibble) because my cat has skin allergies. My cat hasn’t had a flare up since I began using the coconut oil in August and he used to have them ALL of the time.

    • That’s such a good idea! I’ve heard wonderful things about coconut oil for humans, I bet it does the same for pets. I’ll look into it some more, thanks for the suggestion!

      • i had a friend recently ask about treating hot spots for her dog on FB. many replies were coconut oil. and other people have told me. i got some coconut oil the other day for my shih tzu’s skin allergy to fleas. after one app i can tell she feels better. organic coconut oil is best.

  2. i had a trainer use the slip leash you have on my foster one day and he did fine for that hour. I got home and tried to use it, not happening. he just ended up choking himself. hey, that dog was duke. LOL

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