Duke’s Smelly Side

Duke is a Boston Terrier/Boxer mix and definitely shows traits of both breeds.

Lately, his Boston Terrier side has been coming out a lot – mostly due to some classic Boston GI issues.

Boston Terrier’s are  known to be friendly, lively, smart, and full of personality. Duke shows all of these traits! He is very friendly when we meet other people (unless they rub him the wrong way, which is rare). I don’t know if he’s exceptionally smart, but he is taking well to learning new commands. The two things I can guarantee he is are lively and full of personality! Duke has boundless energy when we first wake up and LOVES to play fetch – anytime, anywhere! He’s also got his own unique personality, which I know all dogs do, but the way he tilts his head or appears to smile when he wants to play is pretty entertaining!


Mom, you told them about my gas? How embarrassing!

Unfortunately, Duke also inherited some of the not-so-awesome traits of Boston Terriers – including the gas problem. (Hope he doesn’t mind me discussing this on the internet, but other Boston owners can relate I’m sure!)

As a lovely article on PetsAdviser states, “And we’re not just talking about a polite “passing of gas” — when they let one loose… Wowzers, they can clear out a whole room”. Friends, truer words have never been spoken. Sam & I have started to brainstorm how we’d approach the topic of Duke’s gas if we have dinner guests because it can be that big of an issue.

It seems to be especially bad when we’re in the car which has me wondering if the driving some incites it? Maybe it is just a coincidence though!

We’ve read many suggestions, including grain free food (already doing it!), raising the bowls (trying it now), slowing down his eating (not sure how to do that one!), and pills.

Can your pet relate to Duke’s smelly issues? It helps knowing we’re not in this alone!
Any of you Boston owners, or other owners with this issue, have anything that worked for you?


3 thoughts on “Duke’s Smelly Side

    • I’ve been on a grain free food for a few weeks now, maybe 3, and it’s still a problem! I don’t know if it’d be worse off the food, but it definitely doesn’t cure it! Maybe Mom should check my treats for grain though!! –Duke

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