National Walk Your Dog Week


Today marks the end of National Walk Your Dog Week. It runs during the first week of every October.

National Walk Your Dog Walk was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige. It is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation. Check our more at their website

This week aims to share so many wonderful messages including ones about pet obesity and unchaining your dogs.

We take two family walks with Duke each day – one in the morning and one in the evening. There are shorter walks throughout the day, more like bathroom breaks, before we leave for places and as soon as we get home, but the morning & evening walks are my favorite.


Duke normally has to leave his toys at home, but he snuck this one out!

In the morning, we all head out to walk Sam part of the way to his bus stop. There’s a nice local park about halfway there, so the three of us start our morning with a walk through the park. Duke gets so sad everyday when Sam walks away, but I can get him distracted quick by playing. I really enjoy starting my day with some quality time with my boys, seeing what the weather is like before I walk out the door for real, and taking some time to breathe and enjoy the neighborhood. This is the first year in four years that Sam & I haven’t lived in the middle of Boston, we really cherish living in a quieter neighborhood and being able to walk the dog to the park with a cup of hot tea in hand in the morning – it’s the simple pleasures.


Walking Duke through Harvard Yard.

In the evenings, it is much the same routine. Before we all crawl into bed, we take one more walk about the neighborhood. On this walk, I love looking at the stars, a luxury we didn’t have in the city. It is such a great opportunity to chat too.

We often run into other dogs on both our walks. I’m trying to remember all their names! Duke loves playing with the other pups we come across. We enjoy getting to chat with the other dog owners too! Sometimes we get lucky in the mornings and run into the local turkey – really, there’s a turkey that lives in one of the nearby parks! Duke likes to chase it, but I feel bad for the poor bird!


Duke & our local turkey

I think we all look forward to these family walks! They’re keeping Duke at a healthy weight and us too! You can tell how excited Duke gets when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk. It’s one of two things guaranteed to get him to drop his Kong! (The other being food!)

So get out there and walk you pooch! It’ll do you just as much good as it will your dog. Promise, 🙂

How often do you walk your dog?  

We’re participating in the Walk Your Dog Hop sponsored by BoingyDog and Paws and Pedals in honor of National Walk Your Dog Week!

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19 thoughts on “National Walk Your Dog Week

  1. Awwww….I love how Duke managed to sneak a toy out on his walk. Great post and pictures, thanks!! Duke may or may not know it yet, but he is only lucky pup!!

  2. Omg! Duke, did you carry your toy the entire walk? Too cute. I need to walk our dogs as often as you do, not just for them but for myself! All of a sudden I wish I lived in Boston. (Careful of the turkey! In Iowa there are lots of wild turkeys but they get territorial and are really scary if they chase you!) love you duke! -Life of Drools

    • I did! That was the deal Mom & I made – she wouldn’t get mad if I carried it the whole time! And thanks for the heads up on turkeys, I knew there was a reason she doesn’t like me going too close to it! — Duke

  3. Thanks so much for joining the hop – Duke is so lucky to have a great routine! I love that he snuck his toy out – Kayo does that from time to time as well! We have a rose garden not too far from our house and there’s a turkey there that’s always freaked out by Kayo’s energy. I feel bad for the turkey too. I think Kayo could catch a turkey so I can’t let her chase that guy! ;0)

    • I was so glad to find the BlogHop today, it was perfect for today’s post! I think Duke could catch the turkey too, or at least I don’t want to find out if he could or not, so we stay a healthy distance away!

  4. Gizmo is so used to our morning walks that he sits and waits by the door in the morning without being told…I love the peace of walking in the morning and the good start it gives my day

    • That’s awesome! I wish Duke would adapt to routine that well! I’m with you on the peace of walking in the morning, it is my favorite time of day!

  5. What a wonderful way to start your day, and cap off your evening also! There is nothing better to clear your head to focus on the day than a good walk, is there? Or to unwind at the end of the day? Will Duke carry his toy the whole way if he brings one? Our girls will sometimes sneak a toy on their walk, but then they’ll drop if halfway and I have to carry it! 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous day! Love that your dog takes a toy along. We tried to take a ball to the park for fetch – it worked the first couple visits; on the third visit, Rodrigo took it into the bushes and came out without it. LOL

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