What’s in A Name: Our Adoption Story

As October is Adopt-a-Dog Month I’ve been reflecting a lot on when we adopted Duke. Today we’re continuing with Our Adoption Story Week. We adopted Duke only a few months ago, back in July, but he has become such a big part of our family, thinking back to before we had him seems like forever ago!

Today, I want to talk about Duke’s name!

When we first heard about this adoptable Boston Terrier/Boxer mix, the rescue organization called him Devon. No offense to any Devons out there, but we weren’t big fans of the name for our pup. We’d been day dreaming about dog names ever since we first toyed with the idea of getting a dog. We loved the idea of having a Boston Terrier named Fenway after The Red Sox’s home stadium, Fenway Park, but we decided it wouldn’t work for our new dog since he’s only half Boston. We’re saving that idea in case we ever get a pure Boston and live outside the Boston area, I think that’s when it would be best. Sam really liked the idea of a manly name for the dog, something like Bruce. But we knew a tiny Yorkie named Bruce so that took the manliness out of that option for us.


Waiting on the beach for Dad to come in. Ready for a game of fetch!

When we went to go pick up Duke, we still didn’t have a name for him. We decided to take the “wait and see what he’s like” approach. On the way home (we had about an hour’s drive) we kept trying on names, seeing if our new dog responded to any (of course not), and getting a feel for his personality. On the way home I was texting my sister (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!) and she suggested something to do with surfing, since Sam is a big surfer. I mentioned the suggestion to Sam and threw out the name of the first surfer that came to mind, Duke Kahanamoku. Sam liked it, I liked it, and newly-named Duke didn’t seem to care one way or the other.


Watching as Dad gets ready to go surfing.

And thus, the name was born! Duke is named after Duke Kahanamoku, a legendary Hawaiian surfer from the early 1900’s credited with helping to spread surfing throughout California and beyond. So much better than Devon!


2 thoughts on “What’s in A Name: Our Adoption Story

  1. I love the stories of how we come up with the names for our pets! I enjoyed all your posts this week, learning the story of how Duke came into your lives. It is so great that you adopted him and I think everything worked out exactly how it was supposed to!

    • Thank you so much! I am glad to hear that you all are enjoying the stories. 🙂 I am so thrilled with the way everything has turned out, we’ve become a happy little family.

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