We Got a New Look!

And by we, I mean the blog. 🙂

I am sorry that we were so quiet online last week! It was just one of those weeks – so busy & I decided to spend my free time playing and cuddling with Duke instead.

I’ve been wanting to change the blog layout for a while, I thought the old one was confusing, but I also liked how classy it looked. So we’re trying this layout on for size. What do you all think? I’d love your honest opinions, keep the new look or go back to the old?

And in other news, we’re on Instagram! Follow us at @lifewithduke. We can’t wait to find you all on Instagram too! You can check out our online Instagram profile here.

Playing ball! #fetch #dogsofinstagram #daysofdukethedog #bostonterrier #boxer

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We had a fun weekend laying low. I still have to share the recap of our leaf peeping trip from the previous weekend. But since that had us out of town all last weekend, we took this weekend easy and caught up on errands, laundry, and games of fetch. We even took Duke to his first non-dog-park park and let him play fetch off leash, without a fenced in area, and he did so well! Stayed right by us the whole time! 

Q: Please tell us what you think of the new blog layout!
Q: Are you on Instagram? If so, please share your username with us and we’ll look you up! 


8 thoughts on “We Got a New Look!

  1. I have a hard time getting used to new blog designs – even my own! But I like this one – although I agree with the previous comment that maybe a little more color might be nice. It’s up to you though – it’s your blog! 🙂

  2. The new theme/layout is very clean and looks great! I just changed my theme pretty recently too, and almost used this one because I have a thing for orange. I was looking at all kinds of orange-y themes, lol.
    If you like a nice clean theme, keep it (at least for now). With time, you may decide you want complete overhaul with a personalized header and/or logo, whole personalized theme, etc. I may do that eventually, but not until I can nail down more regular blogging. Until then, it’s not worth me paying for design services. Unless they’re cheaper than I think they probably are :).
    Sadly, no Instagram 😦 Maybe someday I’ll get with it. I’m already not keeping up with my other social networking accounts as well as I should be!

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