20 Facts About Duke

Our good friends over at We Live in A Flat tagged us to share 20 Facts about Duke! We had such fun reading their facts that we decided to play along & share ours. Check out their 20 Facts here.

1. We are having tons of fun posting pictures of Duke on our new Instagram page. Check us out on Instagram! @lifewithduke

2. Duke came to us in Massachusetts from Arkansas this July when we adopted him. What a long drive that must have been for him, must be part of why he is so good in the car.

3. Duke was adopted from Last Hope K9 Rescue.

4. When we first heard about Duke, they told us he was 5 years old. Then they corrected it to 2 or 3 years old. But when we took him to the vet, two vets agreed that he is only one and a half! The Benjamin Button of dogs.

5. Duke only has three real chew toys – an Extreme Kong, a Kong Extreme Goodie Bone, & a Jolly Pets Monster Mouth. He is so in love with them & such an extreme chewer, we don’t bother to buy him others. They’ll get destroyed or snubbed for the Kongs. His latest love is a football made of tire material we got for free. It’s making a good toy for now, but he’s going to shred it in no time.

6. Duke is named after Duke Kahanamoku, a famous surfer. Read more about the story behind his name here.

7. Duke is a half Boston Terrier, half Boxer. This was never confirmed by anyone, but our best guess & I’m pretty sure it is accurate. People often guess one breed, but can’t pin point the other that makes up the mix. Some even ask if he is part pit bull, which I can see in some pictures we take of him. But at this point, we’re sticking with the Boxton since that’s what we know!

8. Duke is an apartment dog. Our place is only 500 sq. ft. but we make it work! Every bit of space is planned carefully, that’s for sure!

9. Duke enjoys sleeping on pillows or with his head propped up on something. Just check out how I found him the other day!

10. Duke goes through a lot of poop bags – 3 a day is our minimum it seems. I just spent all weekend searching for an Earth Rated holder after we broke our old one. I love the little hook on the back to carry our filled bags! (I found one at Marshalls, finally!)  I like their bags too, they are nice and long and smell pretty! We have not been contacted by Earth Rated for any promotions, we just really love their products! 

11. Duke’s tail is docked. This isn’t a decision we made, just how we adopted him. He still wags it all the time of course & when he gets really excited, he moves his whole behind back & forth!

12. Duke gets cold easily. He starts shivering when he does get cold, poor thing! It’s part of the reason he has three jackets! He wears them in the house in the morning & when we go outside.

13. Sometimes I think Duke looks like Stich from Lilo & Stich. Other times, I think he looks like ET. Anyone else see the resemblance?

ET_1600369c Stitch_(Lilo_and_Stitch)http://instagram.com/p/gBkeaNJDPE/

14. Duke loves fetch!

15. Duke also snores a lot. I think it’s a Boston Terrier thing (along with his awful gas!).

16. Duke eats Merrick food. Sam makes all of the food decisions for Duke, there’s too many options in my opinion, I get lost in the choices! We have not been contacted by Merrick in any way, we simply have selected their food for Duke.

17. Duke drinks so much water! Our apartment only has three rooms (4 if you include the bathroom), and Duke has water bowls in all three. He binges on water & can drink an entire bowl of water in one sitting (about 2 cups!) I don’t understand how this doesn’t make him sick, but it doesn’t!

18. Duke’s most embarrassing moment was at a dog park, playing fetch. He had been to the beach the day before and drank too much salt water, I think. Mid-fetch he stopped in his tracks and took care of his business, which was not pretty. Poor thing had quite the upset stomach in the middle of the dog park!

19. In his adoption description, his fosters shared that Duke loves to cuddle & would keep our backs warm. I’d never heard that phrase before, keep your back warm, and maybe it isn’t even a phrase, but boy is it true! Duke loves cuddling up against our backs. He’s doing so right now too!

So spoiled. #goodnight #boxer #bostonterrier #daysofdukethedog #dogoftheday #dogsofinstagram #instadog #instagood

A post shared by Duke The Dog (@lifewithduke) on

20. Duke has made us so happy since joining our family. He’s brought so much love & joy to our home and I don’t know what we’d do without him!

Any facts that were the most surprising to you? 

Play with us! If 20 is too much, narrow it down to 10 facts & share them! I love reading other’s facts.
If you decide to play along, leave a comment with your 10 or 20 facts posts so I can be sure to check it out!


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23 thoughts on “20 Facts About Duke

  1. Duke is adorable! I’m so glad he has you. 🙂 I’ll bet he’d love a Jones mammoth bone. Or even pizzles. What an amazing dog!

  2. I didn’t realize Duke had an addiction to water! My last dog Shadow was like that. I had to refill water bowls more than a couple times a day for her and had one in just about every room too! 🙂 Blueberry is not a heavy drinker though which makes life a little simpler.

    A dog that will warm your back in the winter months especially, is definitely a keeper! 🙂

  3. I think he looks a bit more like Stich than ET. 🙂 I love how he sleeps with his head on a pillow, our golden retriever does that too. He’s such a cutie, and what’s better than a cuddly dog that keeps your back warm?
    If you ever want to try a new toy for him, West Paw Design makes some great indestructible toys…all made in USA from recycled materials. The material is called Zogoflex and the balls are my dogs’ favorites, but they have a few different types to choose from.

    • Fair enough! I’m glad someone can see the resemblance in at least one! Nothing is better than a cuddly dog keeping you warm! At least not that I have found. And thanks so much for sharing, we’re always on the hunt for toys that will stand up to his chewing, just haven’t been able to find anything yet. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  4. Thanks for joining TNT and for sharing the 20 things about Duke. 🙂 Our cabin is only about 800 square feet. It is always fun t be there with 3 big dogs and a cat. lol We have to limit our doggies’ water consumption because we worry about bloat.

    • Interesting – do you have a certain amount of water you provide them for the day & when that’s gone, that’s it? I’m curious as to how you do that. I can’t imagine having three big dogs in 800 sq feet, but I bet it makes for a warm & cozy feeling!

  5. Let’s see if I can get to 20.
    1: Indy is a standard sized goldendoodle.
    2: He is bigger than we thought. We sized him against a golden instead of a poodle. We didn’t expect him to have those long poodle legs. His 70lbs is taller than we predicted.
    3: He LOVES fetch
    4: He also runs with us 3-5 days a week. But we’re cutting him back a bit lately.
    5: Broken tennis balls are his favorite.
    6: Tennis balls aren’t allowed in the house because of the slobbery mess they leave on the floor when he plays.
    7: Indy is 4 years old.
    8: I have allergies, which is why we got a goldendoodle. He sheds less than a golden but more than a poodle.
    9: Unlike some goldendoodles Indy doesn’t have curly hair. It’s wavy.
    10: Indy likes so hang out under our kitchen table. I think it recreates the feeling of a crate.
    11: Indy was crate trained as a puppy. But we stopped after while.
    12: Indy has 3 beds. One downstairs by the couch. One in our bedroom. One in the car.
    13: He has never been allowed on our bed.
    14: He loves to have his belly rubbed.
    15: I’m almost embarrassed to admit, but he likes to have his teeth brushed. It’s the meat flavored toothpaste.
    16: We have him on a venison and potato dry food.
    17: He is named after Indiana Jones. If you’re familiar with “The Last Crusade” you’ll understand why.
    18: We found him online on http://www.nextdaypets.com
    19. Inspire of all our training, he sometimes pulls on his leash more than I’d like. Normally when he is excited.
    20. He passed the Canine Good Citizen test!
    Indy is such a part of our family. Thanks for this fun idea Jessica!

    • I’m very jealous that you’ve had so much success with the no bed rule & about the Canine Good Citizen test, he really is a very good dog! Maybe Duke can follow in his footsteps one day We’ll have to figure out what brand of toothpaste you use for Duke. I like your no tennis ball in the house rule, they soak up slobber like a sponge! Thanks for sharing! We love reading these & learning more about other dogs & they way other dog households run.

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