Fetching on Wordless Wednesday

I’ve really been enjoying sharing our Instagram videos on Wordless Wednesday, so here’s another one of Duke practicing his sit-stay-fetch in a big pile of leaves we found!

As a side note, Duke actually didn’t find the ball after this throw. We lost it in the leaf pile- it sank to the bottom! After five minutes of looking, I went to pull Duke away but he was not happy about leaving his tennis ball behind, so we kept looking. I thought it was gone forever but what do you know, he actually found the silly ball in the bottom of the pile after ten minutes of sniffing it out! 


Duke fishing in the leaves for his ball.


Oh sweet ball, I’ve found you!

Q: Do you let your dog play in the leaves? If you have leaves in your area! I can see how it could be dangerous if there were hazardous things hiding in the pile!

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18 thoughts on “Fetching on Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great, Duke! You found your ball. I wouldn’t go away without my ball too. Leaves are very funny, but we sadly have no clue what’s on the bottom. A ball or a mine, so we better avoid leave piles :o)

    • Haha, well maybe that is a start? Duke did a great job of running after the ball but a terrible job of dropping it so we could throw it again. It took him a good two months to understand that he needed to drop it for the game to continue!

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