Extreme Chew Toys

Duke’s been a heavy chewer for probably his entire life. When we adopted him, the paperwork said that he couldn’t have tennis balls or rope toys unsupervised. Before we realized this about him, I had bought him a traditional, red Kong as his first toy.


In retrospect, we took the original Kong away pretty early. About a month of chewing here.

He tore through that one pretty quickly, so in September we bought him a black Extreme Kong.
Well, here it was when mid-November, about two to three months later.


When we finally took it away before Thanksgiving, it was practically in two pieces.


The boy chewed through an Extreme Kong in less than three months.

Here’s what he’s done to the Jolly Pets Monster Mouth that isn’t meant for Extreme Chewing. He’s probably chewed on this toy for less than six hours cumulatively.


We also got a football in the mail that we let him play with. He popped it within 30 minutes and tore it up within a few days, even though he only had it for 2-3 hours a day.


RIP Football

So, I’ve hunted down some seriously chew-proof toys. Of course, no toy is indestructible. But Duke and his Kong were attached at the hip yet I refuse to spend $15 every two or three months on a chew toy for Duke. I had heard good things about West Paw toys and found a good deal on Amazon, so I bought one!


They have two kinds of toys, chew toys and play toys. The chew toys have a guarantee – if your dog can chew through them you get a one time replacement or refund. Duke is now sporting a Zogoflex Tux in Tangerine Orange. So far, so good!

I really love it so far because a) Duke loves it and b) I can stuff it with goodies yet it is still a good tug of war toy. The Kong was great for filling, but we couldn’t play tug of war with it. This is the best of both worlds!


Happy boy!

We’ve had it for about a week and he’s already put some scratches in it, but nothing major. I still think he might get through this one, but I am hopeful that it will take him a bit longer than the black Kong. And it won’t leave scuff marks all over my walls like the Extreme Kong did. True Story, you have been warned!

I have my eye on the GoughNuts but our local boutique doesn’t sell it and I’m hesitant to spend $20 on a chew toy. But the company looks good and has a lifetime guaranteeHas anyone tried one or have anything to say about them? I’m curious to know what you think! That’ll be our next purchase. But he isn’t getting anything new for a while because, thanks to so many of you, we won the Zuke’s group giveaway! Thanks to those of you who hosted the group giveaway, we’re super excited to try so many kinds of Zuke’s! So we’re on a dog shopping freeze because I don’t want Duke to get spoiled with material things. (Human love falls into a different category, 😉 )

Q: Do you know of any other toys that might be able to stand up to Duke’s heavy chewing? Or anything he could chew on? 

Disclaimer: We have not been contacted by or spoken to any of the companies mentioned. We are simply sharing our experiences with products we have purchased and looking for your advice! 


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24 thoughts on “Extreme Chew Toys

  1. Great post! I have 1 extreme chewer, but she is very very picky about what she chews, so its hard. She has no interest in anything rubber or plastic or even a rope…..she like stuffies stuffies, and more stuffies!
    Were #11 if you wanna hop on by

  2. Think we are brothers, Duke :o) I’ve got a hartz dura play chewing toy from Mollie (she is a chewing monster too) and it’s still intact. The other thingy what looks like new is the running egg, it’s boring because it always jumps away when I try to kill it.

  3. I like the Durable Nylabones for Blueberry – but I do have to replace them every month – sometimes sooner. My last dog Shadow – she would have popped that football in about 3 minutes. She was really tough on toys and chewed up the top of a Kong in about an hour – which is how I discovered Nylabones. At least when they get chewed up, the pieces are little and easily digestible – although it is recommended to replace them once they get like that.

    I have no experience though with the GoughNuts – I’ve never even heard of that before.

    Let us know how that works out!

  4. Wow! I’m impressed with Duke. He blows our Rodrigo out of the water when it comes to chewing and that’s saying something. I’m going to order that West Paw toy. I’ve heard of them and we’ve had great luck with their toys in the past.

  5. Freighter is an extreme chewer. He can chew up black kongs, but I bought him the extra large size and I am hopeful it will last. It is big and not easy for him to get to with his back teeth. Antlers work really well, but again I have to buy the largest size and they are expensive.

    • Oh, that’s a good idea! I don’t like the way the black one scuffs up the walls, but other than that, it was a wonderful toy! I’ve had a lot of people suggest antlers but I am worried about the cost! Maybe one day we’ll splurge and try them. Thanks for the tips!

  6. HAHAH WOW Duke I am impressed! Look at all that heavy duty chewing. At least you’re not going through any sapien stuff right????

    Also thanks for hopping onto This N That Thursday Blog Hop. See you next week (if not earlier!)

    • Hah, thank you! I’m not touching their things for the most part. Sometimes I get into the occasional shoe, but those aren’t very yummy, so if anything I try to get their food when they’re not home! But my chew toys serve me well!

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