A Spotlight on SlimDoggy


We were lucky enough to be partnered with the wonderful SlimDoggy for this year’s Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange! They wrote a wonderful post about us and we’ve spent the last few weeks really getting to know them better so we can tell you about all of the wonderful things they do!

SlimDoggy focuses on keeping your dogs at a healthy weight. Just like obesity is a problem in humans, it is also a problem for dogs! SlimDoggy has all of the resources you need to get your dog down to a healthy weight or to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Duke is at his target weight (up from where he was when we first got him), and we still find so much good information for keeping Duke healthy on their blog. There is so much valuable information on their blog, I’d really recommend you pay them a visit! Here are some of my favorite parts!

  • Their Dog Food Ingredients A to Z series where they highlighted information about common dog food ingredients so we can all be more aware of what we are feeding our dogs. Here’s their post about Oat Fiber! I always learn something new in these posts!
  • They have so a ton of Suggested Exercises for your dog! They have a range of suggestions too, from hill walking to balance training (with the same equipment that I use at the gym)!
  • Many of the fitness posts are linked up to FitDog Friday, a blog hop that they co-host. I’ve never participated myself but I do love reading the posts in the hop.

  • They also have a store where you can purchase merchandise like shirts and frisbees or email consults so you can chat with someone about your dog’s diet and exercise.
  • They have recently announced and started up PetsMove.org. Duke & I are on PetsMove and can’t wait to explore it even more than we already have. You can track your dog’s activity and feeding information, collaborate with other dog owners, and win fun prizes! Check it out! They’re even having a virtual “Move your Mutt-a-thon” Canine Health and Fitness Expo! in the beginning of January.

I think one of the coolest features of SlimDoggy is their App (available on the App Store for iPhone)! We’ve had it even before we were paired with SlimDoggy for the gift exchange. It’s very similar to the fitness apps for humans – you can log your dog’s food and exercise for the day, track their weight changes, and learn more about the different types of foods. They have an awesome explanation guide and videos to help you learn all about the app, so I won’t go into too much detail but I did want to share some screenshots of Duke’s profile!


Our summary page!


You can put in specific activities or use an estimate based on your dog’s activity level


We can even include the treats we feed Duke


You can even get info on your dog food brand!

We hope you can enjoy SlimDoggy’s blog and app and learn just as much as we do from them in order to keep your dog happy and healthy!

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27 thoughts on “A Spotlight on SlimDoggy

  1. Thanks again for the great review and to the other commenters for their kind words.

    We love what we do and really love dogs so it is our mission to help pet owners learn as much as possible about how much and what to feed their dogs as well learn about proper and alternative canine exercises. We are now planning a pretty amazing food recommendation service which will be technology to help find replacement or complementary foods for your pets.

    Any way, thanks for the words and Happy Holidays!

    -Slimdoggy Steve

  2. We love SlimDoggy too. We learn so much from them, and they really help motivate us to keep moving and stay fit and healthy. I only wish I had an iphone so I could use their app! But the website has great resources. We also joined PetsMove and it is lots of fun!

  3. We love SlimDoggy and anything that keeps us slim and health. We also admire you for responding to everyone’s comments. We try but usually fall behind.

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