Following Up on Duke’s Extreme Jaws

Not too long ago, we wrote a post about Extreme Chew Toys. Duke has always been a heavy chewer and we shared some pictures of toys he had destroyed over the months and our new toy, the WestPaw Zogoflex Tux. Today, I want to share the fate of the Zogoflex Tux when left in the jaws of Duke.

Here’s the photo I shared of Duke and his new Tux over Thanksgiving.


Still in one piece!

Last week, I sent the Tux back to WestPaw to get a refund. On their website, WestPaw says, “If you do have a dog with a great pair of chompers and he was able to damage our Zogoflex® dog toy, (you have one amazingly powerful chewer as the return rate is less than 1%) You may choose to receive a free one-time replacement or refund – your choice!”

So apparently, Duke is in the 1% of dog chewers because he destroyed that thing within two weeks. It lasted less time than the traditional red Kong. Once I found chunks of the toy scattered around our living room (and bright orange pieces coming out his backside) it went straight back. I didn’t even bother to get a replacement, because if it only lasted us two weeks, it just isn’t the toy for us.

Here are some photos of the toy right before I sent it back.

IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2290IMG_2289

Huge chunks were missing. It was too dangerous to keep around. Luckily, the folks over at WestPaw were super helpful in getting the paperwork done and I mailed it back last week. I had to pay for the return shipping which amounted to about half of the price of the toy, but getting a 50% refund isn’t bad.

So, right now Duke is using his Extreme Kong Bone, which he doesn’t go crazy chewing on. I still have my eye on the GoughNuts toys and even emailed the company for a recommendation for Duke. They seem very helpful and have a lifetime replacement policy, but their toys are $30-$40 for what Duke would need which is just a little pricey for me, especially around this time of year!

We also had someone give us a hand-me-down Nylabone. So we’ll give that a try when I get home and can give it to Duke. It seems pretty hard, so I’m curious to see what Duke does with it. I also got a tip from a friend that some of the big pet stores might let us return toys Duke damages quickly, so we can try some toys without pouring tons of money into it. I can’t wait to investigate more into both of these things when I get home!

Speaking of getting home… unfortunately, Duke and Sam are spending the holidays back in New England while I am out with my family in California. Which means I won’t be seeing my boys for three weeks! (Eek, so long, don’t remind me!) Anyways, the posts will keep coming and hopefully pictures too, but there will be some delays with trying new toys and sharing the fun prizes we’re hoping to get in the mail and such.

Q: Have you ever tried Nylabones? Or been able to return a quickly damaged toy back to the store? 


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14 thoughts on “Following Up on Duke’s Extreme Jaws

  1. Yikes – Duke really is a heavy duty chewer. I’ll be curious how he does with the Nylabone. But like I said – even with Blueberry who isn’t a real heavy chewer – I do replace them at least on a monthly basis. But they are more reasonably priced than most other hard things – for instance, antlers. I try to get them when there is a sale. Drs. Foster & Smith usually is a good place to shop on line for them because they often have excellent sales on them.

    I have never returned a toy for it being torn up. I am not brave enough. I figure it’s just the price I pay for having a dog. Although if the product does claim to be chew-proof, then of course I suppose I’d return it and want a refund.

    I hope the 3 weeks are fun but also go by quickly so you can get back to your fellas!

    • Good to know that I can find some sales on them. I can’t wait to see how he does with them because it seems so hard to me, but seems like even average chewers can tear them up pretty quickly. But if they’re cheap enough, then maybe it will work for us!

      Thanks, I’m sure it will fly by! Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow, Duke! That was hard work. I sadly made bad experiences, because Easy killed the Nylabones in zilch and I was afraid he could swallow the pieces. But he fortunately didn’t. Our problem is, when he can’t destroy it (yes miracles can happen) then is is boring and he ignores it. Maybe Easy is the reincaranation of Tyrannosaurus Rex and a wrecking ball?

    • I’ve been worried about what Duke will do when (or if) we finally find a toy that he can’t get through. I am afraid Duke will do the same thing to the Nylabone, but so many people have suggested them I figure might as well try and then I can cross it off the list for real! Sounds like Easy might be! If that is the case, Duke is right there with ya!

  3. Hey Jessica, thanks for joining the blog hop!! Wow that is some chewer you have there! How do you feel about bones? I’m thinking specifically of something like a marrow bone, where he will work more at getting the juicy goodness instead of the destroying of it. Of course you do still have to watch him because if he’s a hard biter, it’s possible to break a tooth. I’ve also tried antlers for my dogs, not sure how that would work for you either.

    Keep us posted and enjoy your visit with your family!!

    • Of course, we love your blog hop! I’ve never tried a bone with him before. Maybe a marrow bone isn’t a bad idea! Others have suggested antlers too, but I’m worried they would just be so expensive to the size he would need considering his heavy chewing. Breaking a tooth sounds scary but I suppose that is a risk with multiple options. I’ll look into bones next time I’m at the store, thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Ours dogs can chew through the supposed heavy duty bones and Nylabones. I have returned more than a few. I stick to antlers and black kongs. I replace both frequently, but I have weened them off the “need” to be always chewing. They are older so they don’t obsess so much about it anymore.

    • Good to know they can be returned! Do you find antlers are really expensive or not that bad considering how long they last? The black Kong did last us a few months, so if we just had to replace that every so often, I’d be fine wit that. Hopefully Duke can be weened off one day too!

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