Here’s to 2014! Our New Year’s Resolutions

Hello 2014!

The start of the new seems to be the perfect time to set some goals for Duke and ourselves this year. I’m hoping if I call them goals rather than resolutions, I’ll have more luck sticking to them. (Worth a shot right?)

  • Enroll Duke in training classes 
    This has been on my list of things to do since we got Duke but they’re pricey and far away from us. I’ve recently started looking again and emailed a few local organizations that I’m hoping might be either closer or less expensive. If I can’t find anything in Boston, I’m really hoping to find something that will work this fall after we move.

Time to get off the couch & go to school Duke!

  • Set monthly training goals for Duke & I
    While the training classes are still on the to-do list, I want to make sure to work with Duke myself at home to make some progress. I recently bought a book with some simple tips and with all the resources online I really have no excuses. It’s just a matter of picking something concrete, working on it, and holding both of us (really just me!) accountable for making a sincere effort.

Practicing a sit-stay

  • Get Duke’s accidents to stop
    This one I’m stumped on. Duke will poop in the house maybe once or twice a month. After it happens, I can usually look back and realize that he didn’t go as much in the morning as he usually did, but it seems to have nothing to do with the amount of time he has been alone. Sam & I talked about it and we don’t know what to do since it is so sporadic, other than crating him. (Which just seems like a hassle, but we could be talked into it.) We haven’t ever caught him in the act so we can’t really discipline him for it. But to get this habit of his to stop before we moved would be nice.

I don’t mean to have accidents, I’m sorry!

  • Travel with Duke 
    Sam & I are planning on moving cross country this summer and driving out to California. Of course, Duke will be coming with us! It would be nice to get in some other travels with Duke this year, how ever small they may be! Whether it is practicing long drives and staying in hotels before the trip or exploring California after the trip, I want to make sure our whole family can travel together!

He’s usually great in the car!

  • Work to make the move easier on Duke
    I know this isn’t going to be a simple thing, but I do want to make sure to spend some time thinking about how Duke will adjust to our new location. Wherever we end up living, it won’t be in our current apartment, which is all Duke has ever known. (Well that’s a lie, he lived in Arkansas before he met us, and moving from Arkansas to Massachusetts is a seriously big move, so maybe he’ll be just fine!) My current plans for helping him adjust are making sure he has his own corner/area in our new place and finding some long term friends for him. Right now, he just plays with whoever is at the dog park or the dogs that Sam’s mother has, but it would be fun if there were dogs in the area he could play with often. Maybe having friends is just a human want, but for now, it’s on the list.
  • Spending quality family time together while balancing family time with human time
    Of course, I always have the goal of spending quality time with Duke and having as much fun together as a family as we can. This means taking Duke on adventures when they are dog friendly, going for just-for-fun walks, and playing together at home. All while balancing the family time with just human time! As much as I love my pup, it’s important to me that Sam & I have our quality time together and don’t always have Duke in between us on the couch or in bed. So reminding myself that it is okay to go on an adventure and leave Duke home for a few hours on a Saturday or that it is okay to tell Duke that he needs to sleep at the bottom of the bed is also a goal!

Love my pup, but he often sleeps like this, right between us!

2014 is going to be a big year for us! I’m quite excited for what’s in store!


Here’s to 2014!

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12 thoughts on “Here’s to 2014! Our New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Lots of good, big goals! Maybe the move is the perfect opportunity to work on Duke’s house accidents – it’s a fresh slate in a brand new place he’s never had an accident before – great time to set a precedent.

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