Duke’s Favorite Adventures: Whitney and Thayer Woods

Last weekend was unseasonably warm in New England for January, it was in the 50s! So we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and get out into nature. I recently picked up a copy of The Dog Lover’s Companion to New England for $1 and so we used the book to get some recommendations for a dog-friendly hiking spot. Whitney & Thayer Woods in Cohasset, MA, just south of Boston, was one of their top picks for the Greater Boston area earning a 4/4 paws!


Are we there yet?!

We totally agreed with the book on this one, this place was amazing! Dogs are allowed off leash here, as long as they are under voice control. Almost everyone we saw in the park had a dog with them and everyone was well behaved! It was nice and quiet so we felt comfortable letting Duke off leash. He does real well off leash when there aren’t a lot of distractions so this place was the perfect opportunity to practice our off leash skills.




He was great off leash! We let him carry his tennis ball the whole time – it helps keep him focused. I know it sounds silly, but it is true! He didn’t wander off the path at all and would stop, look back at us, and wait for us to catch up.



For those of you who might want to visit, do it! There are free trail maps in the parking lot. The map was super helpful, I’d really recommend picking one up or printing one out before you go. There were so many trails, they were all well marked, but the map was a necessity. There are also no trash cans in the park, so be prepared to carry out what you carry in, including those used poop bags! We were able to clip the used bags onto our pack so they were out of the way. Just plan on stopping by a local fast food so those bags don’t stink up the car!


Sam took this picture, that’s why it is so beautiful!



12 thoughts on “Duke’s Favorite Adventures: Whitney and Thayer Woods

  1. Are we thre yet? That’s my question too, when I have to take a rid in the rolling cage :o) That’s really a wonderful place and the last photo is pawsome! I hope you and Mr. Wilson, your tennisball had a wonderful day :o)

  2. Stunning locations and we can see Duke really enjoyed it. Hope you find more nice places to visit in your $1 book. Has to be one of the best dollar spends out there. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a great place, and how wonderful to get to enjoy it in January! I totally understand using the ball to keep Duke focused…our younger beagle loves to carry her balls around too (I never thought of using it in that way, but now I think you’ve got a great idea there). Duke looks so cute carrying it too!

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