Duke’s Favorite Songs

Duke loves to sing! He howls along to YouTube videos all the time. He’s usually not very vocal, he only barks when someone knocks at the door which rarely happens around here. However, songs get him howling and barking right away!

Johnny Corndawg – “Dog on a Chain”
I’ve gotta say, this first song is so sad. But the chorus involves howling and Duke loves to join in!

Jane’s Addiction – “Been Caught Stealing”
The barking at the beginning always perks up Duke’s ears.

And this last one is my favorite! Duke doesn’t sing along but Sam & I just love it!
Gene Chandler – “Duke of Earl”

There’s our list! I didn’t share a bunch of the more well known dog songs (like “Who Let the Dogs Out”) but instead shared our favorites – the ones that really get Duke’s ears to perk up and get that voice of his going.

Just had to share that this is how Duke & I get our blogging done. He forever wants to be with!


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