Thank You Notes

We’ve been so lucky to win a handful of giveaways since we entered the blogging world and I owe big thank yous to all of those who have hosted these giveaways. Money is tight since I’m a full time student so every bag of treats or toy is something extra that Duke wouldn’t have otherwise. We make sure he has the basics – a sturdy toy, food, vet care, etc, but all of the other gifts we have received have really made a difference in letting us spoil him as much as I wish we could. So thank you! And know that each and every one of these gifts has been very appreciated!

I’m only going to cover those that we’ve received so far, because I don’t have pictures for the rest. They’ll come later!

From Keep the Tail Wagging we got this fun “Adopt Don’t Shop” Bracelet. Perfect for us since Duke is adopted! I wear it all the time.


From a BlogPaws Twitter Chat, Natural Stride Joint Supplement Powder! Duke gets some in his breakfast.

IMG_1917 IMG_1921

From Dog Tipper, All Things Dog Blog, and Event Barkers… 15 bags of Zuke’s treats!! This was the motherload of prizes. It will last us well over a year!


From Olivia’s Human, a fun Christmas prize package with two toys (Duke loves his Mickey) and some delicious treats!


From another BlogPaws Twitter chat, a PetBox! Duke dug right in and found the toy which he ripped apart within the hour.


And from a PetSmart gift card and fun prize package with some more Zuke’s and frisbees! She was so amazing and reached out to us via Facebook to let us know we’d won when the email went to a junk folder. I am so incredibly thankful! The gift card allowed us to finally buy Duke a name tag for his collar (I know, I know, six months and he just has one now, whoops!) and a new Kong and Nylabone.

IMG_3004 IMG_2952 IMG_2944 IMG_2933

Thank you, thank you everyone! More thank you notes to come later once they arrive in the mail!

And as a side note, this post is our 75th! It is so exciting to see our blog growing up!


Today is the first day of the Thursday Barks And Bytes Blog Hop hosted by 2browndawgs and Heart Like a Dog. They have combined two of our favorite blog hops, This N That Thursday and Follow Up Friday into one and we are so excited!

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30 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. Wow you really hit the mother load with prizes! Congratulations! It is so exciting to receive freebies, especially when things are tight. 🙂

    That Zuke’s prize is a gold mine, they recently were bought out by another company and it has all the Zuke’s lovers in a frenzy thinking the formula could change.

    Thanks so much for joining and supporting Thursday’s Barks and Bytes blog hop!

    • It really is exciting. I’ve been hearing all the drama about Zuke’s and Purina so I am glad that we have a stockpile of the original Zuke’s that will last us while everyone sorts out whether Zuke’s is still going to be Zuke’s or not. The hop was fun, thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for joining Barks and Bytes. Congrats on your 75th post and congrats on your haul! Great stuff. The brown dawgs have both the black kong and the green and tan nylabone bone. We keep them out in the kennels. They haven’t seen them much lately though because it has been so darn cold and we haven’t been putting them out for any length of time.

    • Thank you for hosting this fun hop! I’m sorry I’m getting around so late! Glad to hear that you all approve those toys, that’s a good sign. It has been so cold here too, I feel bad that Duke can’t get out and run around as much as he’d like – we’re dreaming of spring!

  3. And we thought we did well with the giveaways….you might have us beat! Congratulations! I think it’s one of the fun things about blogging. With four dogs and two cats, we spend a lot of money on them, so it’s really nice to get some free stuff to enjoy. Funny that we posted about the same thing today….when I saw your title I had to hurry on over to see what you got! 🙂

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