What Does My Dog Do When I’m Not Home?

Oh, if only I knew the answer. I think Duke sleeps a lot and in between naps he gets mischievous.

One of Sam’s friends who also has a Boston Terrier/Boxer has a video camera set up so he can see what his dog is doing when he isn’t home. His setup even allows him to talk to his dog through the camera system! How cool would that be?  Sam & I considered getting a similar setup when we first got Duke, but we decided not to simply because I didn’t want that feeling of helplessness if I logged on to see Duke was rolling around in trash and I was stuck at work for another six hours. (Totally plausible by the way, we’ve put child locks on the cabinet that holds our trash can to prevent this from happening again!)

Though, the video of what he does during the day would be so entertaining! I can’t believe someone hasn’t made a  TV show about this yet or something. Maybe he’s a boring lump on the couch, but when I come home to messes, something tells me he is having a lot of fun when we’re not around!


Someone had a lot of fun! Knocked over a lamp and everything!


Not doing anything wrong, but just looking guilty!


This was the worst! Coming home to a dog laying on a bloody couch! He had broken his dewclaw – read more about it here.


This was the first day we had Duke home. He ate my lunch. We learned fast to keep things out of his read. Read about it here.


He got into the drawer with the grocery bags on this day. He also moved his water bowl to the couch. Easier access?

Most days he is great! But some days we come home to a surprise and I would just love to see video of what he is doing when he decides to have some fun and make a mess!

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16 thoughts on “What Does My Dog Do When I’m Not Home?

  1. Too funny. In the years I worked out of the house, I often wondered what went on…especially days we came home to a mess. The worst was the day we came home to find bird feathers in our closet…don’t even want to know what went on that day. Wrote about it on the blog if want to read it – search TIno + Bird… 🙂

  2. That’s the greatest miracle ever. The staff once used the webcam to spy on me. Guess what I did? Nothing. I slept till they removed the whole stuff and then I entered the fridge. ha! Many thanks for telling me Dukes “secrets” LOL btw: a broken dewclaw is really horrible, I know.

  3. I agree with you….I would definitely love to see what they’re doing when we’re gone, but my hubby says I would just watch it obsessively and worry…..and I’m sure he’s right. We still have the new puppy in our mudroom when we’re at work….there’s not much he can get into there. When the other dogs were younger we often came home to complete disasters, like bed comforters being completely de-stuffed, and furniture being chewed on!

  4. Duke and my youngest child are a lot alike. I think they’d probably have a lot of fun together. And then I’d need to hire a maid.

  5. Oh my goodness that is so funny. I think the water bowl is the best and the dew claw not so much and definitely not funny. I think you are smart not to watch Duke in real time. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining Barks and Bytes. 🙂

  6. Oh wow – he really goes to work when you are gone sometimes! That’s so funny!!! I would not want a camera – some things are best left to the imagination and plus, you wouldn’t have the element of surprise. It’s much more fun to just walk in not knowing what to expect and either being pleasantly surprised or sighing and facing an unplanned clean up. 😉

  7. Thanks for joining Barks and Bytes blog hop!

    Oh how I know this feeling. We have locks on our cabinets too, but not because we roll in garbage. We eat it.

    And I too would flip out with the blood, that has got to be the absolute worst!! Hopefully as he grows and matures you’ll see less mess. Delilah seems to run in spurts, good for a long time then boom! She’s off. 🙂

  8. Same is the case here when i leave my Siberian husky all alone at home for a few hours.. we’ll now you’ve pushed up my interest in installing a camera system and i’d love to share my experience too

  9. I shouldn’t laugh, but I did. I once had a dog who carried her food bowl with her almost all the time, so I really laughed about Duke and his water bowl. Coming home to all that blood? YIKES. That would definitely freak me out.
    Fetch Talking Dogs blog’s Monday Mischief blog post today to “pick up” your Sunshine Award 🙂

  10. Oh my heart would stop if I came home to all that blood on the couch! As for the mischief when we’re gone, well that’s why we have to use the crate if he can’t be out in the yard till we get home. I think you should look for a camera that will deliver treats too 🙂

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