Duke’s Favorite Adventures

We love exploring the New England area and with Duke’s high energy we take him with wherever we head on the weekends. We enjoy hiking and heading to the beach, so most of our adventures fall into one of those two categories! Here are some of the best dog-friendly spots that we’ve taken Duke to.  More spots added often! 


Blue Hills Reservation
Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails
Milton, Mass – Greater Boston

Whitney & Thayer Woods
Off Leash, Dog Friendly Hiking Trails
Cohasset, Mass – Greater Boston, South Shore

Deer Island
Dog friendly walking path
Winthrop, Mass – Greater Boston 

Fresh Pond Reservation
Off-leash path around Fresh Pond Reservoir
Cambridge, Mass – Greater Boston 

Drew Farm
Dog-friendly apple & pumpkin picking
Westford, Mass – Greater Boston

The Poet’s Seat
Dog-friendly hiking
Greenfield, Mass – Western Mass

Rhode Island 

URI Bay Campus Beach
Unofficial dog friendly beach
Narragansett, Rhode Island – Southern Rhode Island 

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